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Accounting developed by the Spanish General Accounting Plan, totally computerized and adapted to a specific program to Property management that the following information is presented:

Daily update of accountancy documents, control of expenses, suppliers, bank reconciliation, control of bad debtors, forecast, endowments, etc., and all those chapters which may have an effect directly on the Community accountancy.


Receipts are sent in standard format and invoicing is done by magnetic tape or direct bank debit through the Internet.


Information will be supplied on a regular basis to the board and owners in the form of summaries of Budgetary Balances, income, expenses, profit and loss, trial balances, as well as other documents of interest. At the end of the financial year, it will be delivered to the President a dossier with all the accounting documents of the year.

We send the mail and minutes, in Spanish, English or any other language depending on needs, as well as development assistance at the meetings in English by our staff.


All accounting documentation will remain filed in Arch Lever files (A-Z) labelled with the corresponding accounting registration numbers, making it easy to retrieve in the case of an Audit of the accounts. Such documents are available to the board or any property owner.


Advising to the Committee in the issues we may be asked to, summons, attendance to General Meetings, either Ordinary or extraordinary (this service is not charged), drafting of the minutes and posting them to the owners, issuance of community certificates to claim bad debts, any other certificate of the property, the owner, etc.


Availability of juridical consultancy with Solicitors expert in each particular issue regarding Communities, and as well a team of Superior Architects, Technique Architects, Chemists and Engineers for legalization and inspections of building works, swimming pools and buildings. Any juridical or technical question has no extra cost for the Community. We collaborate with companies of energy saving and we have an excellent relationship with the Technical and Administrative services of Town Halls, especially with the Town hall from Fuengirola, Mijas, Benalmádena and Torremolinos.


With the Board of the Community, Daily contact by telephone, internet or fax, apart from the periodic visits to the building, as many as may be necessary in specific moments for the normal working of the Community Administration.


Correspondence, minutes and circulation letters to the owners, notification of quotas and budgets, debt collection letters in all languages required, suppliers, organisms, etc.


We have a security system, which in case of accident, fire, floods, demolitions, etc, all the Community documents are insured, because apart from the disk where it is kept, daily we sent all the information to another office located 3 km. away from our office, consequently it is almost impossible losing any data regarding the Community.

In addition, as Administrators we have two Civil Responsibility Insurance Policies, for 1.500.000.- euros and another one private, of 600,000 euros.


Preferably, to be done by direct debit, or could take place in our office or by our collector.


All payments must be approved by the president or by a person authorized by the board to do so. Bank withdrawals must be co-signed by either the president or those authorized by the Administration.


We have an employee at the office exclusively for the debt management, with updated information of collection efforts by friendly methods and with claim submission date and situation of the judicial proceedings in progress.


We have two different meetings rooms available with capacity for either 25 or 75 people, to hold the meetings, without extra cost for the Community.